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stack of newspapers and magazine articlesWith all of the news stories and other publications that are released daily, do you have time to sort through them to read the articles that are of interest you? Sometimes finding information can be tiring, overwhelming and even simply annoying. We solved this by aggregating the news that interests you from a multitude of sources around the world, into a central location for you to access. Utilize our RSS story and search feeds, news-to-email feature and search capabilities including other powerful tools to stay informed of what interests you.

Reading the newspaper equals fussing with huge, black ink printed pagesOur news stories are cleaned and de-duplicated so you get one official, concise story, directly from the story publisher. You can browse our news sections by selecting a category below or to the left in the navigation, and search our articles for stories of specific interest to you. Once you get a nicely tuned search query, you can even get an RSS feed of the results, updated every 15 minutes. It is like having all the articles of interest to you, in a single newspapers!

So when you are tired of not knowing where the news story of interest to you is, or how to get the information you want from the many confusing sites about and on the web; when you are ready to just be informed, it's your world, choose a category that interests you from our list.

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